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European Chinese Joint-Venture

PROTON Industries is a European Chinese Joint-Venture with headquarters in Shenzhen, China. PROTON Industries develops, manufactures and sells a comprehensive range of LED based solid state lighting solutions for commercial, industrial and residential purposes in the international markets. The multinational corporation PROTON Industries is part of a stable LED consortium.

Global Brand, Local Presence

PROTON is a global brand. PROTON branded quality LED products are sold worldwide via PROTON Industries' International Sales Office in Shenzhen, China and via Resellers & Agents locally. PROTON's representatives speak your language, know LED and understand your market. PROTON Industries is aggressively expanding her network of local partners.

A Truly Multinational Corporation

PROTON's International Sales Team employs LED professionals from America, Asia and Europe. Experience the difference, get in touch with us via e-mail or one of our International Hotlines or Agents & Resellers! PROTON's LED professionals speak English, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Dutch, German, French, etc.

Control from Chip to end-Product

PROTON Industries is not an assembler of LED products, but an A-class supplier: She manufactures PROTON branded products with all relevant certifications from chip to end-product. The entire chip manufacturing process is done in a highly controlled and sterile environment. PROTON ensures that the highest global quality standards are met during all stages of the production process.

LED Products

PROTON Industries specializes in quality LED Tubes, quality LED Panel Lights, quality LED Down Lights and quality LED Flood Lights. In order to provide a genuine one-stop-shop for customers and partners, PROTON works with a select group of specialized co-suppliers to provide any LED end-product needed for a project.

Up to 5 Years Warranty

PROTON Industries is one of the few suppliers that fully backs her claims: When we state a LED product has a life-span of for exmaple 50.000 hours, we provide the matching warranty up to 5 years too - depending usage and application -. PROTON branded LED products are high-end performers and built from superior components: Most of the PROTON branded LED products come with a Taiwanese driver.

LED Solutions

PROTON Industries has extensive experience providing quality LED solutions for Offices,quality LED solutions for Supermarkets, quality LED solutions for Hospitals and quality LED solutions for Parking Lots, amongst others.

LED Product Development

PROTON Industries has in-house access to specialized and state-of-the-art product development teams.


The available stock at PROTON Industries' headquarters and at PROTON Industries' Resellers & Agents for the basic quality LED products guarantees a quick turnaround time.

Free samples for Qualified Customers

PROTON Industries provides free product samples for qualified customers. Apply now with one of PROTON's representatives!




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