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PROTON and Digital Pole Company Saudi-Arabia signed MOU

8/13/2012 Source:PR Dept. PROTON Industries

Shenzhen, China - PROTON Industries and Digital Pole Company (DPC) from Saudi-Arabia signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Specialized Product Development and Sales for the Middle-Eastern market.


Mr. Paul Stuijver, member of the board of PROTON Industries responsible for Strategic Product Development, said: "The cooperation between PROTON and DPC showcases the special abilities on Specialized Product Development of our consortium: For example, with the help of our Product Development Department we will be able to develop a 10W LED Lamp for desert camping according to the exact specifications and design provided by DPC in no-time.".



DPC's 10W LED Lamp for desert camping


Mr. Mohammad Alqassim of DPC looks forward to the cooperation: "DPC has been designing several LED products initially for the Saudi market only; And now PROTON will take care of the final stages of product development and high quality manufacturing. We're impressed by the technical abilities of PROTON's Product Development Department. PROTON has it all under one roof: That helps!". "On top of that, PROTON will  market and sell these products to the broader Middle-East too. So, for us that is a knife that cuts both ways."


Mr. Hakim Jarrar, Sales Manager Middle-East of PROTON Industries, is proud to have initiated the cooperation between the two companies: "I think there are not many other companies in China that can get this of the ground so smooth and fast: PROTON's unique proposition with LED professionals that speak the language, know LED and understand the local markets works for all.", he states.


PROTON Industries

PROTON Industries is a European Chinese Joint-Venture with headquarters in Shenzhen, China. PROTON Industries develops, manufactures and sells a comprehensive range of LED based solid state lighting solutions for commercial, industrial and residential purposes in the international markets. The multinational corporation PROTON Industries is part of a stable LED consortium.


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PROTON and Digital Pole Company Saudi-Arabia signed MOU

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